The DeMartini Method ™

Within a few years of opening his optometry practice, Dr. Ron Strohan realized that there was a fundamental connection between how patients perceived their world and how they felt about their lives. In addition, he noticed that clusters of visual limitations appeared to be related to similar emotional states in different people and he became intrigued by the concept of “vision” as it related to a balanced view of life. The science was tenuous at the time but Dr. Strohan pursued a rigorous academic inquiry to learn everything possible about related issues. He became an expert in a range of vision sciences that included optics, physiological optics, physiology, psychology, physics, quantum physics and electromagnetism.

Ultimately, he determined that there is, in truth, a strong correlation between what we see and what we believe. Most important of all, he learned that as human beings we have the gift of being able to see through our hearts.

Eager to put his insights to work for others, Dr. Strohan trained with renowned global expert in human development, Dr. John Demartini. He ultimately became a leading facilitator of the DeMartini Method, a cutting edge technique developed by Dr. Demartini to unlock potential and eliminate barriers to health and well-being in all areas of life. Dr. Strohan offers the DeMartini Method to clients who seek a powerful transformation that will help them heal old wounds and unleash their potential in all areas of their lives.

What is the DeMartini Method ™?

The DeMartini Method is an organized sequence of specific question-based protocols derived from quantum physics as it relates to consciousness, perception and human behavior.  It will help you synthesize the positive and negative emotional charges of the thoughts you have about your life to create feelings of gratitude and appreciation. It will also:

  • Releases energy trapped internally to reduce stress and restore order and balance
  • Allows your heart to become more prominent in your ability to perceive reality and take action to ensure  you are aligned with your life’s purpose
  • Strengthens the connection between mind, body and heart to intensify your ability to achieve your goals, improve your relationships YOURSELF with others and increase your sphere of influence
  • Gives you a new and profound way to view your life and purpose
  • Allows for a more vital and heart-based approach to life and living

How Does it Work?

The Demartini Method ™ is a completely safe, non-invasive and extremely effective process whereby you answer a series of specific, progressive and predetermined questions that have been designed to help you bring issues to the surface of your mind for balance and resolution.  It can take minutes or hours, depending on your relationship to the issue you are working to resolve. Dr. Strohan guides the process in a judgment-free manner and your confidentiality is strictly maintained. Thousands of people world wide have experienced a Breakthrough with the DeMartinie Method and have reported profound improvements in their health and well-being.

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