Rose Vision Foundation

Rose Vision FoundationThe Rose Vision Foundation is a personal development organization that focuses on researching the correlation between vision and disease, personal development and personal health.

Dr. Ron Strohan, Founder, created the Rose Vision Foundation after decades of research into cellular energetics, meta physics, psychology, bio-energetics, consciousness studies, electromagnetics and quantum physics.  He puts his vast store of knowledge to work on  behalf of clients to help them balance the positive and negative charges associated with past experiences.  The result is greater clarity and confidence for creating better relationships, stronger financial situations, more acute mental clarity, improved physical health and, where appropriate, a deeper spiritual connection to universal Source.
As a successful optometrist, Dr. Strohan developed a great respect for the fact that healthy vision, health and mental clarity are about balance. Finding balance in all aspects of life helps our hearts connect with our true purpose in life and gives us greater energy for creating the life we are meant to lead.

If you would like more information about how the Rose Vision Foundation can help your  organization or community, or if you would like to contribute to the work of the Foundation, please email Dr. Ron Strohan.