Heart sensee

The Challenge

Suggestions for creating a vibrant, meaningful life abound in our world today and while some ideas might have merit, the key to success in all things lies in maintaining a balanced and peaceful heart.

Our heart is the center of our being. It radiates unconditionally through our body and nervous system with a rhythm and a sensibility that is easily affected by our perceptions, thoughts and feelings.

In fact, our positive or negative perceptions of a person, place, or event can be amplified by our emotions; this creates an electrical charge that resonates within our bodies in ways that either align or conflict with the electrical waves generated by our hearts. The end result is either health or dis-ease.

Here's How it Works

Negative expectations of future events or past memories and beliefs can trigger negative responses, sometimes at a subconscious level. The emotional energy created in the transaction is confused, similar to what we might view as a ‘free radical state.’  This causes a heart-body incoherence that reduces our body’s ability to maintain perfect health.

Alternatively, positive perceptions, thoughts and emotions generate positive emotional energy and this leads to greater heart-body coherence. This balances our physiology and reduces the incidence of disease.

Profound discoveries in the cutting edge area of neuropsychoautoimmunology have shown that we can change or challenge our perceptions to support our health -- not only in our physical expression, but also in the areas of emotion, intellect and spirit. The key finding is that we perceive everything we experience through our heart.


HeartSensee is an organization based in the field of human development. Blending  scientific principles with our intuitive sensitivity, we can help you bring yourself into powerful alignment with your deepest desires in all areas of life. Our programs help you successfully:

  • Resolve stress
  • Deal with emotional loss
  • Regain a sense of control over your life
  • Define what you’re looking for in life
  • Develop new directions for your career
  • Set a path for self-fulfillment
  • Enhance your spiritual well-being and
  • Create or eliminate whatever else you need to lead the spectacular life you deserve

By helping you synthesize the perceived negative and positive characteristics of your past experiences we will lead you to a joyful sense of gratitude and a stronger connection to the abundance of our universe.

Explore our website and email us for more information on how HeartSensee can help you connect your mind, body, heart and soul in ways that will truly transform your life.

About Our Program

Studies in many fields have confirmed that our heart has a unique intelligence that is separate from the understanding and behavior governed by our emotional mind. Our heart can help us see the messages presented to us in our daily experiences,  and it can help us discover and activate our unique purpose in life.  We ignore our heart’s intelligence at our peril – it is the beacon for guiding us on a true line to our most positive future.

HeartSensee is a personal development organization dedicated to helping you live a stronger, more purposeful, heart-based life. We offer the transformational DeMartini Method ™ to support you in your efforts to: 

  • rebalance your focus so your heart and mind work together to enhance your sense of mission
  • examine how the positive and negative experiences in your life have helped nudge you towards your ultimate heart-based purpose in life
  • express your life from and through your heart
  •  understand the true nature of things

Our program is based in cutting edge techniques from the field of quantum physics, psychology and psychophysiological optics. It is delivered with integrity and respect for your goals and dreams and will help you see through your heart with greater energy, understanding and clarity.

To find out more, or to book an appointment with Dr. Ron Strohan, please email us or call us at 905-693-8841.