Demartini Method (Quantum Collapse Process)™

a perfect balance is attainablePurpose: Transforming Perceived Chaos into Order to see the true 'Nature of Things.'

Finding purpose in your life

Created by Dr. John Demartini of the United States, and used in over 52 countries world wide, the "Demartini Method (Quantum Collapse Process)" ™ developed from the studies of quantum physics, light and universal laws as they apply to human emotions and consciousness. This process, which consists of a series of pre-determined questions; a reproducible, learned process, will help you gain an understanding of your relationship patterns- whether they be in the realms of career, people, finances, family, social, spiritual or physical well-being.

Begin to clear emotional states that can keep you resentful of, or infatuated with the people, places, events and situations in your life.

Develop your true nature as you begin to realize the healing power of gratitude and love to improve your relationships and embrace conflict and challenge and begin to see order in apparent chaos. Reduce stress, increase your health and empower yourself through gratitude and love to become co-creator of your own life; the life you'd love to live.

The Demartini Method (Quantum Collapse Process) ™ will allow you to open the eyes of the mind to what the heart has always known; to the magnificence that's yours.

'Understanding STRESS' - A negative emotional reaction in thinking which has adverse effects on ones body, and wellness. Seeing, hearing, feeling, in a negative perception is a one sided or lopsided perspective. Seeing only one side to a person, place, thing, or event polarizes emotions, and thoughts. Dissipating, or wasting the energy in your body, and mind. The Demartini Method (Quantum Collapse Process) ™ allows for the re-establishment of order, and function, from a state of perceived chaos. A sense of vitality and Purpose in life is a reward of a few hours of effort into helping you 'See Through Your Heart.' To understand the 'Nature of Things'.

Emotional Traumas: Perceived uncertainty, in a person, place, or thing as in domestic or family dynamic, vocational losses, financial losses produce emotional memories or 'Engrams.' The energy associated resides as forms in the body, affecting every function, and every future imagined action, and thought sabotaging your own Health, Life, and Wellbeing. Engrams related to past emotional memories are one of the reasons people develop difficulties in 'seeing', and disease. In truth every event has another side, unseen, and in a repressed energy form. The Demartini Method (Quantum Collapse Process) ™ is used as a tool to help Transform your life. The uncertainty, and negative emotional memory engram is replaced by certainty, and appreciation through the synthesis of 'emotional' energy charges. Finding the purpose in life for events people and places allows you to move your life to new levels of creativity and power.

Physically: Improved Health and Wellness. Clears emotionally charged tensions, Dissolves Stress, and adds to your vitality. Calms, and relaxes muscles, allowing your body systems to function more coherently. Seeing more clearly resolves uncertainly, seeing more integrated in form. The body changes its form equally to the 'charge' that held the form

Mentally: Organizes your ideas, and thoughts bringing order out of chaos. Expands your mind, and awakens your intuitive capabilities. Clears away emotionally charged memories, and imaginations, helping develop more certainty, and presence in life.

Vocationally: Adds more certainty, and clarity to your direction, and career. Inspires greater inner motivation and a vision for your life- Purpose.

Financially: Helps you develop greater self worth. Decreases your excuses that tend to sabotage wealth. Moderates your over or under spending, and expands your time horizons and patience.

Familial: Adds respect, and understanding, enhances intimate communication, resolves conflict, and integrates family dynamics, and cooperation.

Socially: Generates Leadership qualities, helps you breakthrough fears, and guilt, and clarifies your place in life- Purpose.

Spiritually: Awakens your mind to an underlying hidden order to a greater intelligence, a greater wisdom, and truth. It opens your heart to greater love, and appreciation