Ron Strohan, O.D. – Biography

Vision Scientist   - Perceptual Consultant  - Philosopher   -  Teacher

In the early stages of his career, optometrist Dr. Ron Strohan noticed that patients with eye and vision problems often presented with compatible challenges in how they perceived people and events in their lives as well. Intrigued, he began a rigorous study of the relationship between vision and perception and he determined that there is indeed a connection between psychological or emotional trauma and a perceived inability to see. 

This was not what he had been taught in optometry school and Dr. Strohan painstakingly pursued all scientific evidence available. He extended his research to the study of the universal laws, quantum physics, light, human consciousness, human behavior, psychology and perception, in order to better understand the principles governing vision, ocular physiology and refractive error development, human health and disease. He ventured into the relationship between vision, perception and psychology, which led to further investigation of the intelligence and neurology of the heart.

All of his study built upon a pre-existing understanding of electromagnetics, which was itself the result of experience as a ham radio operator in high school and a life-long interest in electronics and radios.

Dr. Strohan also supplemented his knowledge through insights developed in his own optometry practice. He ultimately confirmed that there is much more to ”vision” than we have commonly believed.

In the decades since he first began his exploration of this intriguing field, Dr. Strohan has diligently advanced the core of learning in the area and is now a leading expert in all aspects of the vision sciences – from optics, physiological optics and physiology to psychology, physics, quantum physics and electromagnetism. He has earned a global reputation for his ability to apply quantum physics to perception to create transformational improvements in people’s quality of life. And he speaks to local, national and international organizations on issues relating to the emerging field of neuropsychoautoimmunology.

Although Dr. Strohan is meticulously dedicated to professional standards, he transformed his practice with a holistic integrative view of vision and perception and he continues to research, study and further develop knowledge in the area. The concept of positive and negative emotional  charges, and their impact on an individual’s life, is of particular concern to Dr. Strohan, and he has become a respected practitioner of the "DeMartini Method ™"

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Dr. Strohan is a Member of the College of Syntonic Optometry and the Behavioral Optometric Association of America. He is also Founder of the Rose Vision Foundation, an organization dedicated to  human hearts and minds~  helping people live the vibrant and radiant lives they were meant to enjoy.
Dr Strohan is a trained and contributing facilitator of the Demartini Institute for Human Development and Behaviour.