Heart and Science

Recent years have seen an increase in the number of people exploring disciplines that appear more intuitive than rational. As a scientist, I have always believed in the importance of maintaining a methodical approach to understanding – in any field I enter. Rigorous investigation has led me to an understanding of the complex relationship between vision, perception and emotions and the aspects of the human journey in life and the associated experiences in fulfillment, thinking and human physiology.  I now know with conviction that the rational mind can be trained to work and listen to the intuitive mind to provide for a more purposeful, healthy and vibrant life.  That we are actually capable of seeing through our hearts and that our life requires our well-being so that we need to consistently act in alignment with what our heart knows to be true.

This truth drives all of my work in the field of human development and I invite you to explore the topic yourself, at whatever level of detail makes you comfortable.  You, too, can confirm the potential inherent in all of us to be loving contributors to the pattern of life. We are all capable of understanding the true nature of things and we can all provide balance and transformation to others through the structure of our lives.  

If you have any questions about how HeartSensee, the Rose Vision Foundation or The Demartini Method ™ can help you live a purposeful lifel, please contact me.

Dr. Ron Strohan, O.D.